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The P.A.S.T. is Present Paranormal Team

Mission Statement

The P.A.S.T. is Present seeks the truth in paranormal along with spirit claims by using commonly practiced scientific means to find or eliminate possible evidence of the paranormal and spirit realms of existence.  The findings of our paranormal investigations are analyzed to the extent of trying to disprove any findings prior to classifying activity as unknown or paranormal.  We do so by ruling out all naturally ocuring phenomenon, human influence, environmental factors and scientific based processes so any remaining explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature.

What we do...

The P.A.S.T. is Present is an acronym for Paranormal and Spirit Team.  We provide free and confidential investigations and community presentations upon request.  We are based in Yakima, Washington, but we deal with paranormal related cases and educational forums across the northwest.  We have both teen and adult memberships. Our team is comprised of individuals who volunteer and dedicate their time to the research, study, investigation and analysis of the paranormal.  Our team members are very diverse in nature, allowing our team to pull from a very wide spectrum of knowledge and technical aspects, as well as investigations and theories surrounding the paranormal.  We dedicate our time to helping those experiencing potential paranormal activity and helping educate the public about the paranormal.  Our team takes great pride in communicating and working with other professional paranormal investigation teams across the United States.  It is only through such communication and work that the standards, understanding and knowledge of the paranormal can be adequatly analyzed, shared and accepted.

We are a Non-Profit Organization

All of the services we provide are FREE and our source of funding is based upon our members' yearly dues and donations received from special community events.  All monies collected are used to purchase new paranormal equipment, batteries and accesories.  All of our cases are considered confidential.

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Team Members

Take a minute to get to know us a little better.  Each member brings special talents to the team, which is what makes us strong and united.

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photos!  We have pictures from investigations, excursions, public events and more. Enjoy our discoveries!

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Paranormal Information


Paranormal Equipment

Want to learn about a K2 meter or what a Boo Buddy is?  Find out about these and other types of paranormal equipment here...

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Paranormal Definitions

Want to learn the difference between an apparition and a shadow figure?  Find out about these and many other paranormal definitions here...

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Recommended Reading

Want a list of some good books to read about the paranormal and / or investigating it?  Check out our recommended reading list...

Good books about the paranormal

Tips & Tricks About The Paranormal

8 Things To Do If You See A Ghost

Do you know what to do if your encounter a ghost?  Here are a few tips to help you, in case of an unexpected encounter.

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Signs That Your House May Be Haunted

Have you noticed some strange and unexplainable things going on?  Check out this list, and see if you could be experiencing something paranormal.

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Investigation Safety

Things to consider on a walk through, investigation or excursion.  This information is in no way intended to serve as instruction, professional, medical or safety opinion, giving medical advice, etc.  It serves only as a general reminder of what one may encounter during investigations.

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Tips For A Good Investigation

Make every investigation a good investigation by following these tips.

I Want A Good Investigation!

Evidence: Is it an Orb?

When you begin to look at the evidence you collected at an investigation, be sure to look at it carefully.  Do you really know what an orb is?  Can you tell an orb from a spec of dust or a tiny bug?  If you aren't sure, check out this article.

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Have you always been fascinated by the paranormal?  Would you like to learn more about it?  Consider joining our team.  We would like to get to know you better.

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Is something strange going on around you?  Are you looking for some answers?  Contact us for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL investigation.

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