Paranormal Definitions


Types of Paranormal Activities

Anomaly:  Irregular or unusual event that doesn't follow a standard rule or law, and can not be explained scientifically.

Haunting: Recurring ghostly phenomena consisting of activity produced by a spirit in which the living is aware of, with in a physical place and/or building.

Intelligent Haunting:  A spirit that is aware, can interact and communicate with the living.

Paranormal:  Impossible to explain scientifically.

Paranormal Things:  Paranormal events or phenomena.

Poltergeist:  Also known as a noisy ghost - a manifestation of an invisible but noisy, disruptive and or destructive entity.  Usually it haunts a specific person rather than a location.

Residual Haunting:  A playback of a past event. A spirit's energy imprinted in time from when it was living in the physical world.  

Supernatural:  Relating to or attributed to phenomena that cannot be explained by natural laws.


Various Forms of Energy

Angel:  In some religions a divine being who acts as a messenger of God.  A spirit that protects and offers guidance.

Apparition:  A Spirit manifesting itself in the form of a human being either fully or partially.  An appearance of a supposed ghost or something ghostly.

Demon:  An evil, non-human spirit of the dark side.  A supposed ghost or spirit regarded as evil.  A fear or anxiety that torments someone.

Ectoplasm:  A spirit manifesting itself in the form of a mist, most often seen in photographs.  Sometimes called a ghostly substance.

Energy:  The ability or power to work or make an effort.

Entity:  Any being or beings with life force of some type, includes spirits, demons & even people.  

Form:  The shape or type in which a spirit appears.

Ghost:  The spirit of someone deceased or the entity of something unexplained, either human or non-human.

Ghost Lights:  Unexplainable spiritual energy, often colored.

Ghostly Substance:  The substances believed by spiritualists to issue from a medium who is communicating with spirits (sometimes called ectoplasm - a spirit manifesting itself in the form of a mist)

Globules:  Orbs that emit a certain color.

Manifestation:  How spirit energy presents itself to humans.

Noisy Spirit:  (See Poltergeist) A supposed supernatural spirit that reveals its presence by creating disturbances and/or knocking over objects.

Non-Human Spirits:  Spirits that were never actually living, 

Orb:  A spherical object most often found in photos.  The most common form of spiritual energy.

Poltergeist:  A manifestation of an invisible but noisy, disruptive and or destructive entity.  Usually haunts a specific person rather than a location.

Portal:  Strong energy gateway between the spirit world and our world.

Secondary Image:  A faint duplicate image of something seen on a screen or photograph and caused by the reception of a double signal or by a mechanical defect.

Shadow People:  Spirits whom appear or manifest in a darker form than others.

Silhouette:  Shadow image of a figure, especially a portrait, in which the outline or profile is solidly filled in.

Spirit:  An entity that is not of the human world.  The soul of a deceased individual that remains in the physical realm.

Trace:  A faint, weak or greatly reduced appearance, trace or possibility of something.

Vortex:  A funnel of spirit energy.


People and Intuitions

Clairvoyant:  A person who has the ability to perceive things that are usually beyond the range of normal human senses.

ESP (Extrasensory Perception):  The ability to become aware of things by means other than the normal senses...for example through clairvoyance or telepathy.

Investigator:  The name of a person who carries out an investigation.

Medium:  The name of a person who is believed to transmit messages between living people and the spirits of the dead.

Parapsychology:  The study of supposed mental phenomena that cannot be explained by known psychological or scientific principles.

Psychic:  A person sensitive to the spiritual world.  A person considered able to perceive people's unexpressed thoughts or foresee the future.

Psychic Photographs:  The taking of a photograph whenever one has a strange or off feeling.