Paranormal Equipment



BooBuddy:  A teddy bear that is triggered by energy (EMF) changes, and responds with lights that go off

DVR System:  Recording device that is connected to a monitor and up to sixteen cameras at the same time.

EMF Detector:  Detects electro magnetic fields.  Readings will spike if electronics and/or spirit energy is present.

EMF Pump:  A device that creates high electro magnetic fields, prior to an investigation, in order for more energy to be available for spirits to use to communicate with us.

EVP Recorder:  A device that records sounds during an investigation, including EVP's.  

Flashlight:  An object that emits a stream of light to help us see in dark areas.

FLIR Thermal Camera:  A thermal imaging camera used to take and store thermal images

Ghost Box:  A device that rapidly filters through radio frequencies and white noise, allowing spirits to speak to us.

IR Camera:  Infra-red camera, which allows photography and/or filming in low light conditions.

K2 Meter:  A device used to detect spikes in electro-magnetic energy.  These spikes indicated by the multi-colored lights at the top of the meter which may signify activity or communication from spirits.

Laser Grid:  A group of lasers that detect movement and presence of a spirit

Motion Detector:  A device that detects motion/movement and produces a sound to alert you of that motion/movement

Real-Time Recorder: A recorder that allows investigators to hear any EVP as it is recording.

Rook EMF Meter:  Detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound.

Spirit Box: A device that uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which theories suggest give some entities the energy they need to be heard.

Trigger Object:  An object that is used during an investigation to try and connect with a spirit.

X-Box Kinect:  The Kinect can detect thermal images, depth range and distance from object to object.  It has an IR Camera and can 3D map as well as show 2D skeletons and contains limited recording features.